About The Project

The Pro Fair Play project is supported by the Open Society Fund–Prague from the Let’s Give (Wo)men a Chance programme, financed by Norway Grants. Through Norway Grants, Norway contributes towards the reduction in economic and social disparity and the strengthening of mutual cooperation in Europe. Above all else, this promotes environmental protection, research and scholarships, civil society development, healthcare, children, gender equality and an improvement in the efficiency of justice.

The Let’s Give Women a Chance programme promotes equal opportunities for both men and women in their work and personal lives as well as prevention and help for victims of domestic and gender-based violence in the Czech Republic.

The programme is administered by the Open Society Fund–Prague, which has been working to secure the values of open society and democracy in the Czech Republic since 1992.

The aim of the project is positive and statistically significant social change in the perception of equal opportunities through massive media coverage utilizing strongest radios  in CR and people cooperation. The change will be demonstrably measured via indep. market research.

Main goals of ProFairPlay

To show importance of equal opportunities including the brands of Norway funds and The Open Society Fund Prague in Czech society

To provide right examples by name of famous radio moderators and brands (opinion leaders) as well as to warn before bad examples and bad practice

To provide open media platform for networking and opinion sharing to projects based on similar ideas

Main pillars
Focused, well balanced and influential content provided via:
Radios Frekvence1, Evropa2, Zet (on air/mobile/online)
Radios of RADIOHOUSE network
Social networks
Partners and networkers